The Brief
An eco-packaging company based in the UK required a new stock range of packaging that would work alongside their existing collections. The company had identified a need for a more colourfully branded collection, however it still needed to be generic enough to incorporate their clients own branding. The packaging also needed to have a broad appeal to their client base and emulate the popular design trends of the high street.I needed to show my new concept on a sandwich wedge pack, on a baguette wrapper and a label.
The Solution
Green stands for health, the environment and is also thought to cause an increase in appetite. The pattern incorporates messaging about the packaging’s environmental credentials into a generic, yet bright and modern pattern design. 
I have kept the generic theme in the labels as well, creating a basic layout for clients to put in their own product information. The brief required me to create a label that included a product description, use by date and price. 

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