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For my minor project, I wanted to look at how the British public could help reverse the decline of bees in the UK. Through my research I found that many people were scared of bees due to a lack of knowledge of them. This leads to people killing bees and using pesticides unnecessarily. This gave me the idea for Give Bees a Chance, a 1960s flower power themed campaign that encourages the public to celebrate and spread the love for bees, as well as find out what bees do for us. The campaign consists of different parts, including an animated billboard which would be put up in different cities around the UK. This can be seen below. The QR code would lead to the campaign website where the public can find more about the bees and what they can do to help. 
Flower Power (Van)
As well as the billboard, VW Campervans that have been covered in real flowers would also spread the bee love in city centres. It would be based near parks so that bees will be attracted to them. This will also give people who are scared of bees some exposure therapy as they would be confronted by the bees as they walk past the van. A QR code would be placed underneath the van leading people to the campaign website where they can learn more about bees and how to help them.
Pollinate your mind
The website contains information on what bees do and how we can help them. It also provides links to other useful websites on bees and bee charities such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The website also promotes the #givebeesachance Instagram and Twitter challenge where users are challenged to plant a bee friendly flower or two (bonus if you make a bee friend and get a picture of it on a flower) in order to help the bees! This will further encourage the users to take part in the campaign after they’ve been convinced to embrace and learn more about the bees.

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