'It is estimated that there are 8 million pet cats in the UK spread over 12 million pet-owning households. Most cat owners will have wondered at some point or another, “just where does my cat go exactly?”
At GoCompare, we wanted to do the hard work for you and collect some key facts about our furry friends.'
- From GoCompare's "Where Cats Roam".

The brief
I was approached by GoCompare to illustrate their latest campaign "Where Cats Roam" which takes a closer look at one of the nation's favourite pets and how they live. I created some lighthearted and humorous illustrations which include working the night shift and guarding territories. These illustrations even feature a certain cat close to one of the people working at GoCompare's heart. You can visit the campaign HERE (it's a good read)!
- Out and about in the local neighbourhood.
- A relation how as humans we tend to see cats similar to a small baby that we can nurture.
- The cat bringing home a gift to its owner.
- A cat guarding its territory and using a compass as navigation around it. 
- The cat on its nightshift.
You can visit the blog post HERE

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